Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Life Aimed at Eternity

If we take a closer look at the lives of Jesus' apostles, we will learn how to live for eternity.

Why do 13 men (including Paul) live in such a way that all they care about is Christ (1 Cor. 2:2) and are willing to go to great lengths to promote His name (Acts 14:19, Acts 16:22, 2 Cor 11:25, Acts 12:2)?

For one, all men had all been in the presence of Christ. While the 12 hand-picked apostles were given the privilege of being in Christ's company for three years and saw Christ at work, Paul experienced Christ in a radical, life-changing event on the road to Damascus (Acts 22). These men knew the Lord, what He came to do, and realized they needed to tell others about Him.

When you see something beautiful, you usually don't keep it to yourself. You tell others about it. These men could not shut-up. They had to tell others, no matter the cost. Their lives were aimed heavenward.

What freedom it is to live in such a way that ones life aligns itself with one focus: on that which is most valuable. No longer will the fleeting pursuit of riches mean much. Nor, will man's praise. This life will have enormous Christ-enthralled vision and purpose and will be able to do radical, self-forgetting, God-glorifying feats.

These 13 men got it and ignited into flames. Lord, help us to do the same!

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