Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why We Trust in Bridges

When was the last time you tried to find out if the bridge you are about to cross is structurally sound? Or, for that matter, asked to speak with its builders - to find out if they are trustworthy? Or, tried to find out the last time it had been inspected? Or tuned? (yes, bridges get "tuned")

Why do we put such blind faith in a structure that is so important?

I might assume that most people wouldn't consider their faith in a bridge to be blind. Many would likely give the following reasons for their confidence:

"It has always been there"

"It appears strong"

"It held me the last time I went over it"

"Bridges rarely collapse"

All of these reasons, are experiential. Through repeated use and observation, a bridge proves its faithfulness.

In many respects, Jesus too has proven his trustworthiness.

History presents all men and women everywhere with the personhood of Jesus Christ. We all are witnesses to Christ in the way the Bible speaks of his glory and life of Truth. Never has a life been lived like this one. There is something so intrinsically truthful and real about His life that it beckons us to follow and trust.

Lord, help our unbelieving hearts trust in you alone. Jesus, you are the atoning sacrifice that gives us access to your kingdom and prescence. It is through you alone we have a hope. You are the bridge over which - and in which we cross for sweet fellowship. You took the initiative. Thank you.


Chris Krycho said...

Hmm. That's a perspective I had yet to come across in wake of everything that happened last week... thanks for sharing it. Your words are, as always, encouraging. :-)

mamaclsn said...

It's true that we learn to trust in man made things, but these things will not last, no matter how often they prove they are reliable. Thank you for your post.

Praising God for the Bridge that will never collapse!