Monday, December 10, 2007

The Fixed Point

Apologist Ravi Zacharias tells this story of a woman who was in her car, stuck in traffic. Bored, the woman looks down and begins reading a newspaper. In no time at all - and out of the corner of her eye - she senses that her car is moving...or, is it the car next to her that is moving? She looks up, disillusioned, and quickly focuses her attention to a light post on the sidewalk - a fixed point. She orientates herself and soon realizes it is the other car which is moving. She sighs, in relief.

When we are at a loss - and we do not know where truth is to be found, or even if it can be found - we must set our focus on Jesus. When chaos surrounds us, and "truth" is no where in sight, Jesus shines brightly. Only He can make a clearing where there is only darkness and fog.

Christ is the compass for a lost world.

Thank you Lord for lighting the way - and showing us Truth.

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