Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving Toward a Pain and Risk-free Society

I can't pretend to know all that has conspired to cause the government's decision to bail-out Wall Street. But, what I can deduct, is that many who risked unresponsibly and failed, may not have to pay the price of their failings.

Today, we can go to a dentist - have a cavity filled and experience no pain. We can go to work, get paid - while sometimes not exerting any real "effort" or toil. We can get married, and after some time, free ourselves from the discomfort of "dealing" with each other and file for divorce.

To be sure - I am not a lover of pain. Nor, do I advocate an aesetic lifestyle. But there is something peculiar when we do not experience the pain of life. When there is no punishment for bad choices or foolish behavior. When we opt for the comfortable all the time, to avoid pain (even when that pain is the means to our growth).

In Acts, we read that Paul went about preaching the idea that "through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God". And we know that our Savior - Jesus Christ, was not immune to suffering or pain.

Should we be above pain? Don't we already know that it's through trials where we have seen the hand of God and felt His presence most keenly?

Lord, help me, so that I do not begrudge my own pains - but through them, I might lean more and more on your saving right hand.

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