Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jesus: Just a good example?

Starting with the premise that Jesus existed, one must then ask, "is he just another great man to have walked the earth or our saviour?" Let's take a look at his life:
  • Before Jesus had walked on the scene - he was already being talked about by a man named John (the Baptist) (Luke 3). He was telling of one who would come - and who's "thong" of his sandal, John was unworthy to untie.
  • Jesus began a ministry, calling men to leave everything - even family / home - to come by his side. These men came willingly and immediate.
  • He spoke with such authority and with such wisdom, that he drew great crowds wherever he went.
  • His own presence and popularity drew hatred from those in power (John 11:47-57).
  • He forgave sin, called people to repentance and healed the sick.
  • He hung around the remnant of society and those who were hated.
  • He commited no acts of terror or harm - yet was put upon a cross to die by a crowd of people yelling to crucify him (John 19:6) (All of which he had foretold to his disciples (John 12:27-50).
  • He lived beautifully: hating sin, loving his enemies, helping those in need - and valuing the most valuable (his Father in heaven).

Yet it doesn't end here. If we were to suddenly end here, Jesus might be seen as just a great example. But he was more than that.

  • Three days after his horrible death, he rises from the dead - appearing first to women (whose account and testimonies were considered second-rate at the time) and then to his disciples.

Ordinary dead men don't rise to live again. Ordinary men do not cast out demons and bring others back to life. Ordinary men do not forgive sins. Ordinary men do not proclaim they are "one" with God. Ordinary men are not like Jesus.

With only a public life of three short years, His one life created such a stir, such a revival and such fulfilment, that Jesus cannot be deemed, "just a good example". He was and is, the Christ - our Savior.

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