Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Christ Jesus: The Real Superman

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, “Superman Returns” is an epic tale of more than just a super-hero sent to save mankind. It is cloaked in Christian imagery and verse. I would highly recommend it, largely due to the fact that it can fuel your love for Christ more because He can do all that Superman does and more. Christ is THE Superman. The amazing and jaw-dropping feats accomplished by the screen character aren’t just fiction. Christ Jesus is more than capable of sending a tsunami packing, stopping a falling jet, or more importantly (and larger) of delivering the world from it’s sin (which the movie character cannot do). (And, there is no kryptonite which can thwart Christ’s hand.)

So when you’re in the theater watching, I hope your love for Christ increases and is inflated. That you will not be directed to glory in another human achievement of movie-making, but that you stare heaven-ward and that your heart overflows with all that Christ is. He is more powerful and greater than our own hearts can conceive.

Hoping and marveling at the True Superman: King Jesus.

Here’s an article about the parallels that are being reported:

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