Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pointing to Jesus

Reading the Old Testament for any length of time leaves one with the impression that "something has to give". With all the requirements, orders, procedures and laws placed upon the old testament people, how could they possibly fulfill them? And, if they could not, who would complete that which a Holy God had decreed?

In fact the whole of the testament makes way for and demands the entrance of a "redeemer". There needed to be One who could perfectly fulfill the Law - and do that which God had commanded. And, there needed to be One who could appease the wrath which had been stored by the forebearance of God through sins previously committed.

That "redeemer" came in the person of Jesus. All of Scripture proclaims and points to Him.

Without our Redeemer Jesus, we would still be dead and enslaved.

Thank you Lord, for setting your people free!


Rod O said...

Aaron, your posts are well thought out and are a blessing! My only regret is that I don't check here often enough...

Peace to you, Rod O.

Joy said...

Hello there. A bit back you posted on my site and I feel I should explain to you how I came to my current beliefs. I was a Christian for many years. A good Christian. I attended a Lutheran School, went to church, read my bible, and prayed. I felt a had a true relationship with God. Then I grew up. As I aged, I began to more freely question what I had so easily believed before. I started studying, reading parts of the bible conveniently left out in sermons and lessons. I went to sources OTHER than the bible. I learned the actual history of the book itself. And all of this has led me to believe that while most modern Christians are people who are well-intentioned and good, the RELIGION they follow is not. It is not god-inspired, it was manufactured by many men, for mostly societal and political reasons. Is there a god? I don't know. But the god of the bible is not one I would choose to follow again, nor are any others I've studied to this point. If you'd like to discuss this further, I'd be more than happy to. I have not "lost" my way - I just looked hard enough to really find it.

A. Shepherd said...

Thanks for the post Joy.

I certainly would be interested in discussing this more here or offline. My email address is under my profile, if you wish to go that route.

You're not the first person I have heard who has grown up going to church, only to turn away from Christ as they've gotten older. Unfortunately, a lot of this stems from being hurt by others - something outside the unchangeable Truth of Scripture.

Sounds like you are more convinced that Christianity itself is based on a lie, conceived by man. Guess, that is a whole 'nother matter.

If you would like to continue to discuss - I would ask that you be open. I make much of my claims based on the self-authenticating truth of the Bible - and my trust in Jesus.

I can certainly point to other outside "sources" for its proof - and the existence of God - but there is something about the truth of God's word that is penetrating,
deep and life-changing.

I look forward to a lively discussion,


Joy said...

Hi Aaron,

It seems to be a common misconception from Christians that Agnostics and Athesists have experienced some kind of damage which lead them astray. While this may be true in some cases (just as some people come to religion after crisis or pain), that has not been my experience. I have come to my conclusions based on the facts of history and science, not out of desperation and rejection.

You reference the "unchangeable truth of scripture", which is a statment I disagree with. The bible itself is filled with contradictions, and I have found it to be anything but unchanged and truthful. I am very open to this discussion, but I will ask you to be open as well. I'll say upfront that the bible is NOT self-authenticating - no book can be. Using your trust in Jesus is up to you, but it is a dishonest form of debate to site a source's truthfulness based on its own contents.

With that said, if you have any questions for me I'd be glad to answer them. My email is - look forward to hearing from you.


mamaclsn said...


I am glad I stumbled onto your blog. I look forward to your insight. I don't have a blogger account, I am over at

God Bless!

Joy said...

How interesting. Aaron, Jen is my (soon-to-be) sister in law. :) Looking forward to your email.