Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Fickle Lover

In a recent magazine article, author/theologian N.T. Wright was asked about the popularity of the Gospel of Judas, which has given rise to an interest in Gnosticism. His response:

"The Gnostic conspiracy theory says that orthodoxy hushed up the really exciting thing and promoted this boring sterile thing with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And of course there's a great lie underneath that. In the second and third centuries, the people being thrown to the lions and burned at the stake and sawed in two were not the ones reading Thomas and Judas and the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Mary. They were the ones reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Because the empire is perfectly happy with Gnosticism. Gnosticism poses no threat to the empire. Whereas Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John do. It's the church's shame that in the last 200 years, the church has muzzled Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and turned them into instruments of a controlling, sterile orthodoxy. But the texts themselves are explosive."

Lord, help me to be satisfied in your explosive, unchanging, foundational - and rock-solid truth. Guard my heart - and seal it. Seal it to thy truth above!

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Rod O said...

Was the article written by N.T. Wright the one in Time magazine? I'll have to check that out. Great word in the previous posts. The Old Testament is so rich and powerful, and points directly to Christ. It's awesome seeing scriputre fulfilled!